Philips UV-C Lamp

Philips UV-C Lamp

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If you wear a mask and wash your hands violently or clean your hands with alcohol every day, how can the house and company sterilize?

Philips UV-C germicidal lamp can help you!

Tested by the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory (NEIDL) at Boston University confirms:
Effectively kill 99% of viruses and germs in 6 seconds, including covid-19 💀, it only takes 15-45 minutes to help your house, sterilize and remove viruses easily!


✅ UV-C ultraviolet light, wavelength 200-280nm
✅ 5-meter mobile sensor, sensing dynamic and instant light off, ensuring the safety of loved ones
✅ Voice prompt function, simple and direct operation
✅ Suitable for home, office, school, restaurant, group roads!
✅ 2 years original factory warranty!
✅ PHILIPS 35 years of professionalism, confidence guarantee


Color: silver
Size: 120x247x120 mm

Availabe: in 5 - 7 days

-Place the germicidal lamp in the center of the room
-After powering on, follow the voice prompts to leave
-The germicidal lamp will wait for 30 seconds to ensure that no people or pets are detected before the disinfection work starts
-If any movement in the room is sensed during operation, it will shut down immediately


Time required for disinfection:
Living room-about 45 minutes
Bedroom-about 30 minutes
Bathroom-about 15 minutes
The service life of the germicidal lamp is up to 9000 hours


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