Japan Kowa Kids Mask (5pcs)

Japan Kowa Kids Mask (5pcs)


A "medical-inspired" mask that uses a highly functional 5-layer structure


● Double collection filter cuts 99%* of fine particles in air (0.0001mm=0.1μm)
*Permeability test measurements (Nelson Laboratories)

● Built-in silver antibacterial filter
Suppresses the growth of bacteria on the filter surface. (Not all bacteria are effective)

● Blocks nose and cheek gaps
Shape-retaining nose fitter and side-fit form (design registered) block gaps

Keeps the original space and eliminates suffocation! High comfort that flexibly responds to mouth movements


● Comfortable UP! Adopted new ear straps
Soft touch, no pain even if worn for a long time*

● Loose mouth
It is comfortable to breathe and does not slip even if you continue talking

● High quality non-woven fabric that does not easily scratch
Low fluffy sheet makes it comfortable to use for a long time

● Fog block film blocks exhalation rise prevent the cloudiness of glasses